Solsken Communications is a boutique public relations and marketing agency with big ideas. Our highly qualified team consists of only seasoned professionals offering a minimum of 10 years of industry experience, a recruiting practice that ensures our clients receive the best level of service — high caliber expertise and representation coupled with the intimate attention of a boutique firm. A small agency, our clients become family and their success is our success. Deviating from traditional agency practices, the Solsken team is always available and responsive to clients around the clock, ensuring a rapid response time and invaluable peace of mind.

Based in California, Solsken's San Diego and Sacramento teams offer clients diverse expertise in a wide range of industries from technology to engaging multicultural communities and niche audiences to government sector clients, seamlessly using tried-and-true best practices and innovative strategic approaches to offer clients fresh, practical ideas that work.

Public Relations

Public awareness, media engagement, outreach, storytelling and entertaining — it is what we do and we do it exceptionally well. We help our clients build momentum and achieve results. Offering the full spectrum of public relations, from beginning to end, we offer clients services tailored to their needs. From strategic counsel and content development to public outreach and engagement to media relations and tracking results — our team welcomes the opportunity to support your efforts.

Whether it is for a brand, product or service, our proven track record of helping our clients generate public awareness and achieve measurable success with coverage in leading outlets including trade publications, dailies, online publications, social media and broadcast speaks for itself. Our savvy media relations team not only develops compelling messaging and press material, we have long-term relationships with many top media and freelancers in a wide variety of industries, ensuring our clients garner the highest possible return on investment. It helps that our public relations team brings years of journalism experience, allowing us to crafts stories tailor-made for the press.

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One of our greatest strengths is our ability to relate to a diverse range of communities and engaging niche audiences. Our team excels at culturally adapting general marketing concepts aimed at the general public to targeted messaging aimed at niche audiences, especially multicultural groups. Cultural adaptation is not simply providing literal translations of campaign messaging; instead, it requires first-hand knowledge of the target audience and how to interpreting the idea to be conveyed in such as way that the message is articulated, culturally relevant, inoffensive and welcoming — all essential elements needed to achieving success.

Our success at reaching diverse communities can be attributed to coupling traditional marketing strategy with strong community outreach and in-culture intelligence, bringing our clients' messages to their target community and ensuring their messaging is well-received. Working closely with some of the most qualified multicultural practitioners in the state and well-recognized, community-based organizations, our community outreach programs have successfully reached Hispanic, Hmong, Chinese, Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodian, Korean, Mien and Russian communities. We have fostered strong partnerships with community-based organizations, faith-based organizations and forged partnerships with some of the largest in-language media outlets in the nation, securing placements in La Opinión, Sing Tao Daily, KBTV and more.

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Specializing in technology, the Solsken team services technology clients across the globe, often acting as an extension of the clients' in-house marketing team. We offer clients a dedicated technology team with more than a decade of technology-specific expertise in facilitating full rebranding campaigns, advertising campaigns, ongoing public relations and analyst relations support, building our technology clients' credibility and reputation in the industry and among target audiences. Our expertise is not limited to North America; we also support our clients globally, assisting with partner launches regionally in countries such as Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Technology is a fast-paced, highly-competitive, massive market and our team has first-hand experience navigating through this minefield. We have led successful campaigns in industries including: optical networking, data center, network service provider and software automation. Our approach — work closely with the client to understand their product/solution before building customized campaigns that offer tangible metrics for short-term and long-term successes.

Solsken's technology team expertly covers public relations planning and strategy, press release development and media relations, analyst relations, message development, hosting events, public relations /analyst relations metrics, copywriting, executive speaking engagements, awards and marketing communications support for creative and branding.

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Public Affairs

Having an active office in California's capitol gives us an edge on political issues. Based in Sacramento, we keep our ears to the ground and a keen eye on current issues at the local, state and national level. From tracking legislation to coalition building, we have successfully influenced public policy by building and maintaining a strong reputation to find a common ground with all stakeholders. Our expertise extends beyond traditional public affairs. We have experience in organizing grassroots outreach campaigns to mobilize communities; designing and executing customized events to generate excitement on compelling issues; and bridging the community to legislators and high-level executives to build public awareness and understand critical issues that affect the community. The key to our success: our ability to translate complicated issues into digestible concepts and - of course - connect our clients to influential decision makers.

We have existing connections to key influencers and excel at forging new relationships, offering our clients access to decision-makers and helping them to establish relationships in the right circles and markets. We excel at finding the right influencers and tapping into their influence on behalf of our clients.

Our passion for community engagement extends beyond work. We believe in giving back and making a difference in our free time too.

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Marketing and Advertising

Our team of marketing experts each offer more than a decade of marketing expertise and work with clients personally; our media buyer is one of the best negotiators in the industry, often leveraging her relationships, research and knowledge of California media — both ethnic and general market — to build out the strongest media buys with unmatched added value. This high-level of experience required of all marketing team members ensure our clients receive top-notch service with the personalized attention every time.

While our expertise spans the full marketing spectrum, we truly have cornered the ethnic market in California, often supporting larger, state-wide campaigns by culturally-adapting the message to target multicultural communities.

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Storytelling and Content Development

We are natural storytellers and nothing gets us more excited than sharing our clients' story with the world! A small team, we work directly with clients, learning first-hand who they are, what they do and what they want to accomplish. We believe that telling a compelling story is more than just sharing information on a product, service or mission — it is about capturing the spirit of the organization and the intention behind the offering. Through interviews and a careful data mining process, we immerse ourselves with our client's work and become well-versed in the specific industry, enabling us to craft accurate, compelling and meaningful content for all of our clients. We are expert storytellers and develop client content that ranges from website copy to product brochures to press releases.

We take great pride in delivering more than a traditional public relations agency. We apply our expertise across the board by giving our clients a well-rounded approach to all the work we execute, recommending and including tools that we know will best deliver their message in a meaningful way. From content development to video production, delivering our clients' story to target audiences in a compelling manner that will be well-received is what matters.

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Our Story of Hope: Cambodian Video | Our Story of Hope: Lao Video
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Branding and Creative

Whether elevating an existing brand or creating an entirely new brand identity, our seasoned project managers work with some of the industry's most creative minds to ensure our clients' high visibility in the marketplace. We help our clients identify what is unique and relevant about their brand, crafting messaging and materials that tell their individual story, elevating their position with their target audience.

Organizations that have outgrown their existing brand are in luck! We excel at rebranding, helping clients develop a new brand identity that showcase who they are while resonating with their target audience.

See past examples of clients we have helped rebrand here.


Hosting events is a passion for all members of our team and we work with our clients to execute the event they envision. From small-sized meeting to big budget productions, we do it all. Our team of experts guide our clients through the entire process, from the initial phase of developing a strategy to crafting a timeline and budget to securing speakers and event execution. Our attention to detail and ability to execute enables us to host highly successful events. Our event expertise spans all types of events, from press conferences and grand openings to conferences and trade shows.

Our in-house event expert is a certified meeting professional with more than a decade of corporate event experience. She has successfully hosted countless of events all over the globe, seamlessly weaving client messaging into the event structure, creating a cohesive, branded event that delivers impact. Events include:

  • Press Conferences
  • Tradeshows
  • Launch Events
  • Galas & Special Receptions
  • Media & Summit Events
  • Multi-day Conferences & Seminars
  • Educational Forums
  • Fundraisers
  • Board Meetings
  • Industry Functions

Speaking engagements and awards

Speaking engagements are critical for organizations who wish to become thought leaders in their industry. All speaking opportunities are not created equal — finding the right speaking engagement is the key to success since several well-secured speaking spotlights can secure an organization's creditability and prestige within their own industry within a short period of time.

Our team has successfully secured earned and identified paid speaking engagements to position our clients as thought leaders within their industry and peer groups alike. In addition to creating thought leaders through speaking engagements, our storytellers work to identify and craft compelling submissions to garner awards for our clients, reinforcing their value in the market. Whether an organization is looking for a paid speaking engagement, assistance securing thought leadership positioning, or simply looking for help crafting award winning submissions, we can help!

Social Media

Social media marketing can be an excellent tool for developing online brand awareness, audience growth and customer engagement. In fact, social media is becoming one of the most influential tools in influencing target audiences across age, gender and ethnicities. Effective social media requires a solid strategy and a commitment to developing consistent and valuable content.

Our social media savvy team specializes in promoting our clients' brand and help drive real marketing results. Our goal of ensuring our clients' success in social media is to create and accomplish a voice that resonates with their specific target audience. We lead our clients through the process of developing a social media approach and implementing it to perfection. Working with our clients from the ground up, we develop clients' social media platforms, identify key influencers, generate content and either turn it over to clients to monitor with our support or we provide ongoing social media maintenance. Whatever the need, we work collaboratively with our clients to create programs that fit their needs.