Jane Jamieson

Analyst & Market Intelligence Consultant, Technology

Jane Jamieson

Jane joins Solsken San Diego as an Analyst & Market Intelligence Consultant specializing in monitoring technology trends, including but not limited to telecom and optical networking.

Still very active in the telecom and optical networking industry, Jane continues to work with researchers to monitor market intelligence, staying on top of the competitive landscape and strategic competitive developments to provide industry intelligence to clients. At Solsken, she plays a critical role in evaluating and assessing market research for client accounts, offering in-depth market forecasts and market share analysis to help clients gauge the market and respond to current market trends. From monitoring market intelligence to developing research and competitive market briefs to managing analyst briefings and developing industry metrics to support our client's sales, Jane provides invaluable market intelligence and analysis to clients in the telecoms and optical network industry.

Prior to joining Solsken, Jane led analyst relations and market intelligence activities for the corporate marketing team at Infinera, actively staying on top of the competitive landscape. She also supported business operations with pricing analysis to provide the sales team with approved discount structures based on corporate margin and competitive environment. To streamline Infinera's operations, Jane implemented process improvements that led to improved business systems with frequent review of approval guidelines from the executive team, ensuring optimal deal cycle times without compromising analytical review.

Jane is passionate about her community and giving back, dedicating her personal time to serve non-profit organizations that help the local community. She is a former board member for the Bay Area chapter of Kids Against Hunger, a non-profit organization dedicated to feeding starving children, and a former board member and supporter of StreetWise, a non-profit organization based in the greater Spokane area that serves free meals to homeless and economically disadvantaged families. Currently, Jane volunteers her time writing grants to fund Brother Benno's Center, a non-profit organization that provides aid to the homeless community in San Diego North County.

Jane earned a bachelors in business administration and marketing from the University of Delaware.